A flowering stimulant is a type of plant growth regulator that is designed to enhance and accelerate the flowering process in plants. Flowering stimulants are often used in agriculture, horticulture, and gardening to promote earlier and more abundant flower production, which can lead to increased yields, improved aesthetics, and better plant health.

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  • Amino Acid Bio Stimulant Liquid Formulation 4,160.0036,400.00

    Amino Acid Bio Stimulant Liquid Formulation is a plant growth promoter that contains a high concentration of amino acids. It is designed to improve plant growth and health, increase crop yield, and enhance the quality of the produce. This liquid formulation is made from a blend of natural and organic ingredients that provide essential nutrients and stimulate plant growth.

  • Flowering Stimulant 5,980.00110,000.00

    Flowering Stimulant stimulates hormones and flower generation by triggering specific hormone. It increases vegetative growth of plant. It fixes the nutrient imbalance in plants. It provides energy to the plant cells that helps for strong stem developments and increases vegetative growth of the plants thus helps for increasing crop yield by 10-20%.

  • NB 20% V/V EC 1,170.0018,400.00
  • NB 35% V/V EC 1,350.0022,000.00
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