A spreader, in the context of agriculture or horticulture, is a tool or product that is used to distribute materials evenly over a specified area. Spreaders are commonly used for applying fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, seeds, and other materials to lawns, gardens, and farm fields.

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  • Silicon Super Spreader Formulation 3,300.0059,000.00

    Silicon Super Spreader Formulation is a type of adjuvant used in agriculture to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of pesticides and fertilizers. It is a water-soluble liquid formulation that contains high-quality silicone surfactants and other additives that help to spread the active ingredients more evenly on the plant surface.

  • Sticker – Non Ionic Surfactant 25% 1,400.0020,000.00

    Sticker – Non Ionic Surfactant 25% is a water-soluble liquid adjuvant that acts as a spreader, sticker, and activator. It is transparent in color with a mild odor and is recommended for various crops such as cereals, fruits, vegetables, pulses/oilseed crops, spices, and others.

  • Trisiloxane Ethoxylate Spreader 998.0015,960.00

    Trisiloxane Ethoxylate Spreader is a liquid chemical that is used as a wetting and spreading agent in agricultural applications. It is a type of non-ionic surfactant, which means it does not carry any electrical charge and can be used with a wide range of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

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